Parking & Transit

EBPA's Parking and Transit Benefits are a great way to help your employees save money while commuting to work. 
If your employees take public transportation to work or pay for parking, EBPA can help you save them money by paying Parking and Transit expenses with pre-tax dollars. There are two types of pre-tax expense accounts: Mass Transit Expense Accounts and Parking Expense Accounts.  

An EBPA Parking and Transit Account can also save your company money. By converting compensation from the employee's pay to a pre-tax account, businesses can reduce payroll taxes by as much as 7.65% per employee. This valuable benefit can also help your company attract and retain employees. 

Your company can increase enrollment by providing Parking and Transit Accounts that are easy for employees to understand, access, and use. EBPA makes it quick and easy for your employees to pay for eligible transit and parking expenses.

With an EBPA Parking and Transit Account, your employees receive outstanding customer support and online access to their Parking and Transit Account 365 days a year. With access to real time account balances and activity, Employees decide how much money to load on their cards, up to the maximum allowed on a monthly basis. 



The EBPA Benefits Card

Employees can use the EBPA Benefits Card to pay for transit and parking expenses such as subway/commuter passes, buses, UberPool, Lyft Shared and parking lots. It’s easy - employees just use the EBPA Benefits Card as a “Credit” or “Debit” Card which accesses funds for their Parking & Transit Accounts. If the merchant does not accept credit/debit cards, or the expense is greater than the amount of the current balance, online submission is available through the EBPA WealthCare portal or through EBPA's Secure Document Submission Portal. Claims can also be uploaded to our EBPA Mobile App, faxed or mailed to EBPA.