Direct Billing Services

Employers can lose thousands of dollars from failure to collect premiums, or from keeping employees and retirees active on their benefit plans when they should have been cancelled. EBPA provides your organization with the opportunity to streamline the administrative functions for billing and premium collection, resulting in lower costs, risk reduction and improved services for you and your employees or retirees.  

When you have an employee or retiree who is continuing their health or other insurance coverage on a self-pay basis, EBPA offers: 

  • Comprehensive communication materials to notify employees/retirees of EBPA’s role 
  • Billing and collection of monthly premiums 
  • Tracking and reporting of eligibility 
  • Online access to payment and account activity for employers and Retiree/Direct Billing participants 
  • Optional monthly premium withdrawal (ACH) from participants checking/savings account or the ability to set up automatic monthly payments 
  • Employer enrollment, termination and disbursement reporting to keep clients informed  
  • Knowledgeable and friendly member service staff to field participant inquires 

Most importantly, when you take advantage of EBPA’s automated Retiree/Direct Billing system and superior expertise in collecting and documenting premium payments, your Human Resources Department will have more time to focus on issues that impact your bottom line.