Oct 2, 2023

EBPA Secure Transfer System (STS) Security Update


Over the next few weeks, the EBPA Data Security Team will be implementing changes in our Secure Transfer Service to better protect your data.

The focus of the Data Security Team is protecting our systems and your health information from cyber criminals and other malicious actors. EBPA is continuously working to reduce security risks and impacts on members protected health information (PHI). These changes are expected to be implemented by October 15, 2023.

STS Web Based Logins

  • Increasing the frequency of web UI Password life to 90 days.
  • Implementing 2 Factor Authentication on web UI logins.

    File Retention on the STS Web Page

  • Files posted in our facility will be removed from the STS server after 15 days. Reducing this retention period reduces the risk of a large amount of data being available in the event of a breach.

Enabling Multifactor Authentication

If you wish to add multifactor authentication sooner, you can log in to your STS account at htps://net3.cbavt.com and click on My Account


In the Multifactor Authentication section click on "Enable". You will need to have the Microsoft Authenticator App or Google Authenticator app installed on your mobile device.

Open the Authenticator app on your device and tap add account. Use the 4D barcode on the screen to add the account to your device. Enter the 6-digit number shown on the app in the Enter Verification Code.