Aug 5, 2019

ER Alternatives

In a life-threatening situation, you should always go to the nearest emergency room. However, in other cases, even when urgent, there are other options to save you time and money.

Speak with your Primary Care Provider

Unless it is a life-threatening emergency, it is always best to consult your doctor's office first. By doing so, your doctor may suggest alternatives to the emergency room or may even want to see you. If the office is closed, there may be an on-call nurse or doctor who can provide advise based upon your medical history. After you call your doctor, consider the 2 options below.

Option 1:  Walk-in Clinics are located within your local Pharmacy that treat simple medical concerns/inquiries such as Flu-like symptoms, Earaches, Pinkeye and sore throat.    

Option 2:  Urgent Care Centers These are local Clinics that care for and treat conditions that are not life threatening but should be treated right away, such as; Sprains, Minor Burn, Short term (acute) illness and broken bones.

Hours & Information  

These hours are typically days, evenings and weekends. To find a provider near you visit: