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Flexible Spending Accounts – Health Care

An EBPA Health Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) is a great way to help your employees save money.

With a Health Care FSA, employees can set aside pre-tax dollars out of their paycheck to pay for eligible out-of-pocket medical, dental, vision care and certain over-the-counter health care expenses not otherwise covered by your health insurance. Funds are moved to their Flexible Spending Account before Federal income taxes, Social Security taxes and most state taxes are deducted.

Health Care FSAs also save your company money and employee contributions to Health Care FSAs help reduce payroll taxes.

With an EBPA Health Care FSA, your employees receive outstanding customer support and online accessibility to their FSA, 365 days a year. With access to real-time account balances and activity, as well as a comprehensive learning center, your employees will have the confidence to continue to re-enroll year after year.

Your company can increase enrollment by providing an FSA that's easy for employees to understand, access, and use. EBPA makes it quick and easy for your employees to pay for eligible medical, dental, vision care and certain over-the-counter expenses. All payment and reimbursement features are synchronized to deliver accurate, real-time account information.

 The EBPA Benefits Card

Employees can use a prepaid Card, the EBPA Benefits Card, when making health care related purchases at, for example, pharmacies and opticians. The card is completely integrated for flexibility. If an employee's service provider does not accept credit/debit cards, online claims submission is available through EBPA's claims system or through EBPA's Secure Document Submission Portal. Claims can also be uploaded from a Mobile App, faxed or mailed to EBPA.